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Galeb GTE Telekomunikacije

Galeb GTE operates within the GALEB GROUP as a part of a strategic long-term plan for the development of telecommunications.

GALEB GTE was founded in 1984 as a company for the development and production of business communications systems under the name EI Pupin GTE, and since early nineties continued to operate under the distinctive name DŽITI COMMUNICATION. The top place among the manufacturers of telecommunications equipment, GTE acquired with production and installation of over 350 home private branch exchanges (PABX) phone systems in the domestic and international markets and more than 120 public branch exchanges telephone systems across former Yugoslavia. The power supply systems, from its own development, became the most important production segment in recent years.

Business orientation of Galeb GTE is based on offering the latest telecommunication technology with the maximum use of its resources in cooperation with leading international companies such as:

  • Supply systems Galeb GTE – BENNING
  • VoIP, ISDN Home private branch exchanges (PABX) SELTATEL
  • Radio Relay Systems NEC
  • The battery line HOPPECKE
  • Video conferencing systems VCON - EMBLAZE

GALEB GTE can provide design, installation and maintenance services in the field of telecommunications and information technology on a "turn key" system. Thanks to its references and experienced designers, GALEB GTE has licenses for construction and development of technical documentation for the international telecommunication facilities.

Confirmation of the high standards that guide the company's product quality is a certificate Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2001).


Phone: +381(0)11/3148 111
Batajnicki put 23
11080 Belgrade-Zemun

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