GALEB GP 100 Fiskalna Kasa

Fiscal cash registers GALEB GP-100, meets the needs of all types of shops and services. Technical and functional features is recommended as an excellent choice for users who want to provide quality Point of Sale unit with excellent price-performance ratio.

The device GALEB GP – 100 has an integrated GPRS module in order to meet the technical requirements of the Tax Administration to the server, but also to fulfill customer demands for remote control devices and centralization of data over the GSM network. All operations of the Tax Administration server device performs automatic, so to successfully perform these operations do not require additional user activity devices.

Functional characteristics

  • Min. 20 000 items
  • Article name up to 28 characters, alphabet – Cyrillic and Latin
  • Support for bar code, EAN8, EAN13, UPC
  • 10 operators with names and codes
  • Price 8 +2 dimensions, maximum up to 21 .000.000,00
  • The amount of max. to 99999.999 (or 999 999)
  • Maximum value of digits in the account 11 +2, ie. 999 999 999, 99
  • 250 items sold per account
  • 8 sales department, sales statistics for better
  • Customer display numeric, 1 red/13 character, monochrome
  • Display for the cashier: alpha-numeric, 2 character red/16, print Latin
  • 2000 daily report
  • 30 changes in tax rates
  • Printing fiscal documents, reports, groups, reports by departments, operators, and others.


  • Thermal Printer of Seiko Instruments
  • Roll width 2 x 28 mm, the operator and the client tape
  • Print speed – up to 60 mm / sec
  • Easy to replace thermal rolls
  • Optional roll width of 58mm and an electronic journal


  • PC port USB 2.0 full speed
  • RS232 port 9600 b / s – 115 200 b / s
  • Port for bar code reader
  • Connection to the cash drawer is optional

Additional features include

  • Integrated GPRS modem, which is totally independent of the operator
  • Automatic switching between summer / winter time
  • Automatic synchronization with the server Tax Administration
  • Complete with remote administration server user (optional)
  • Battery powered cash register – option
  • Eelectronic journal


GALEB GP-100, CE Standard

Download GALEB GP-100 User Manual

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