GALEB GP-350 fiscal cash register

Fiskalna Kasa Galeb GP-350

Galeb GP-350 fiscal cash register: a medium-sized and large opportunities.

Keyboard with 36 keys and a large display allows comfortable use this device in standalone mode, and the ability to work in fiscal printer mode turns the device into a fast and reliable fiscal printer. GP350 is a modern device adapted a wide range of customers.

Characterized by a fast thermal printer, very fast serial communications, robust plastic cases and integrated GPRS terminal to receive and send data to the Tax Administration Server. Very easy replacement of paper rolls, up to 500 internal codes for a quick sale of most wanted items, support for 10 cashiers and 8 departments makes this cash register useful in many applications and uses.

Hardware features:

  • Power supply: 9V
  • Li-Ion Battery (optional)
  • Integrated GPRS terminal
  • Keyboard, 36 keys, 26 function / programmable and 10 digits
  • Wins Pu TP11x – thermal printer
  • Two rolls of thermal paper, 38mm width or one 58mm paper roll and electronic journal
  • Operator alfanumeric display
  • Client numeric display
  • 32b MCU Cortex M3
  • USB and RS232 communication
  • Bar code connector
  • Cash drawer connector
  • External pole display connector
  • External Dimension: 368 x 335 x 93mm (L x W x H)

Software features:

  • Database PLU capacity: min 20,000
  • Max. PLU price: 21,000,000
  • Max account value:99,999,999.99
  • Up to 2,000 daily reports, 50 resets and 30 changes of tax rates
  • 3 methods of payment: cash, check, card
  • Up to 10 operators, up to 8 departments
  • Printer mode function
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